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Mysia 3 is located in the very center of Warsaw, between the Three Crosses Square and the De Gaulle Roundabout. On three levels of a cozy tenement house in modern, industrial style are located author’s fashion shops, jewelery, art. Interior furnishing and photo gallery ….

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  • AGAZI | 2

    AGAZI is a Polish footwear brand with a philosophy of creating minimalist yet high-quality, long-lasting shoes that are entirely cruelty-free.
    The essence of the brand is to use materials with minimal negative impact on the environment and maximum positive impact on the health and comfort of users. All footwear models are made from certified plant-based materials such as apple leather (from apple juice and apple product waste), grape leather (from Italian wine production waste), bamboo material, and natural cork lining the interior of every AGAZI model. The brand embraces technology and isn’t afraid of innovation, continually seeking better solutions to move closer to a “zero impact” approach.
    All AGAZI models are crafted by Polish craftsmen, primarily women, at a family-owned factory with over 30 years of experience in producing comfortable footwear. Additionally, all AGAZI models have certifications for sensitive feet.
    AGAZI also scrutinizes its suppliers not only from a legal perspective but also ethically and humanely, ensuring the full respect of workers’ rights and the planet’s well-being at every stage of production.
  • REGINA BAR | Parter

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  • COS | Parter

    COS is located on ground and first floor. The COS collection is comprised of high quality fashion essentials, reinvented classics and iconic seasonal styles at comparable prices for women and men.
    22 583 13 40
  • NAP | Parter / Poziom -1

    NAP is a collection of unique furniture, lamps, textiles and accessories. For over 10 years we have been choosing the best Polish and world brands, and creating our own lines of furniture and textiles. Our motto is BACK TO CRAFT and it stands for the best quality fabric and respect for hand-made work. We design and equip interiors of hotels, restaurants, and private apartments. NAP is a sole distributor of these brands: DCW editions – manufacturer of Gras lamps, EMU – Italian outdoor furniture, Schwung – home lamps and Ethnicraft – wooden furniture.

    Our store in Mysia 3 sells not only furniture, lamps and textiles, but also a broad choice of unique accessories: organic cosmetics, clothes, shoes, stationery and sunglasses.

  • MUJI | Parter

    MUJI was founded in 1980. Its origin was a thorough rationalization of the manufacturing process with an eye to creating simple, low-cost, good quality products. Specifically, we reexamined products through three lenses: material selection, inspection process and packaging simplification. In notable contrast to the prevailing over-embellished products in the marketplace, MUJI’s products both won great appreciation and sent shock waves not only through Japan but across the entire world.
  • ORSKA | Piętro 1

    ORSKA makes jewellery with character. Her projects are expressive and often controversial. The raw form, rough texture and unique idea behind each collection reflect the temperament of the brand. Anna Orska’s distinctive design is for the daring ones searching for an original style form. Every item has a nature of its own. This is achieved by handcrafting and the use of peculiar, often unique materials. The components come from different parts of the world and from different historical periods, just as the very concept of the collection does. The original projects have been appreciated by the world fashion magazines, with the Italian “Vogue Accessory” and the German “Vogue” as the leading titles. ORSKA is bold, diverse and unpredictable. She dares to experiment. She is still searching. And this is the only constant thing about her.
  • Blask | Piętro 2

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  • RILKE | Piętro 2

    Rilke Little Store is designed by young Polish lingerie brand Rilke. Our butique is a chic and cozy place inspired by the 60’s. It’s our mission to help you feel beautiful in your own body and discover your unique style. We welcome our customers like real friends and take time out to talk to you, learn more about what inspires you, and how we can help you to find what you feel comfortable in.
  • Perfumeria Impressium | DRUGIE PIĘTRO

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  • BALAGAN | Piętro 2

    Wygodne klasyki
    Projektujemy wygodne, proste, codzienne buty i akcesoria – ponadczasowe klasyki. Tworząc nowe produkty na pierwszym miejscu stawiamy wygodę i funkcjonalność- to one determinują wygląd naszych rzeczy.
    W Balaganie wierzymy w ponadczasową estetykę, przywiązanie do jakości, dopracowanie detalu.
    Nasze produkty wykonane są z wysokiej jakości skóry naturalnej.

    Pomiędzy Warszawą a Tel Awiwem
    Produkty Balaganu zaprojektowane są przez dwie przyjaciółki – Agatę i Hannę, które mieszkają w dwóch miastach. Od 2015 tworzymy Balagan w Warszawie i Tel Awiwie.
    W Balaganie łączymy prostą elegancje polskiego wzornictwa z niezobowiązującym uniwersalnym stylem izraelskiej ulicy. Połącznenie to oddaje sama nazwa – Balagan – słowo wspólne dla języków dwóch miast, jeden z wielu elementów łączących te pozornie odległe kultury.

  • ELEMENTY | Piętro 2

    Ponadczasowy projekt. Lokalna produkcja. Kompletna transparentność. Pomysł Marty i Bartka na stworzenie lokalnej, transparentnej marki, z biegiem lat przerodził się w to, czym Elementy są dzisiaj: polską marką duchem z wizją wykraczającą znacznie dalej. Od 2015 roku stale się rozwijamy. Zachęcamy naszych klientów do świadomych wyborów. Nie prowadzimy wyprzedaży sezonowych. Oferujemy sprzedaż używanych ubrań w niższych cenach. Nasze kolekcje uzupełniają się wzajemnie, a ulubione modele są dostępne przez wiele sezonów. Chcemy robić modę lepiej..

  • LEICA STORE | Piętro 2

    Leica Store in Warsaw is the only place in Poland that offers full range of cameras, lenses and binoculars by legendary Leica. Apart from present-day equipment, you can find here a wide selection of used cameras, including rare and limited-edition products. Leica Store Warsaw is a place where competence meets passion. Our stuff – Michał, Piotr and Jarek – are notable specialists not only when it comes to equipment but also when it comes to speaking on photography understood in terms of culture. Leica Store is also a space for conversation and for meeting interesting people: each day great photographers pay visit to our store. Last but not least we also sell Polaroid cameras, Polaroid accessories and Impossible’s materials for instant photography.
  • GLOOMY SUNDAY | Piętro 1

    We are young opticians with true passion to our profession. In our optical store you can find eyewear collection created by us and based on our sense of aesthetics.

    The range of Gloomy Sunday eyeglasses represents classic, yet unique design. Each model is backed by countless hours spent on design, choosing the appropriate components and their assembly. Those eyeglasses are characterised by very high quality and extraordinary attention to the smallest of details. We treat every pair of glasses with an individual approach. Our goal is to provide customers with products that meet all the optical requirements, as well as become part of their image.

    Our motto is “Your world in our glasses” – we believe that our glasses can help to see the most important moments of life.

  • ASFALT SHOP | Galeria Leica Camera, drugie piętro

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Mysia 3 is located in the very center of Warsaw, between the Three Crosses Square and the De Gaulle Roundabout. On three levels of a cozy tenement house in modern, industrial style are located author’s fashion shops, jewelery, art. Interior furnishing and photo gallery ….

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